Treasure our Texas School for the Deaf

From: "Austin Deaf Events" <david@PROTECTED>
Subject: Treasure our Texas School for the Deaf
Date: April 2nd 2015

​​Dear Austin Deaf Events readers,

Perhaps you saw in the news that early in the current Texas legislative session lawmakers proposed selling portions of the Texas School for the Deaf to raise money. Dr. Steve Baldwin and others raised an eloquent defense of the school. We want to continue to help our Austin community and state legislators understand how valuable the school is to our heritage and culture.
These are fund raising and volunteer events that I've been asked to help spread the word about.
Thank you,



As promised, here is an email with update and things that need to be done. I have opened this email to CC so that you can respond by "putting in"  your name for which you can do. Please be mindful of others' inboxes.
We are collecting donations. We need to have some kind of compensation for the interpreters. It is a challenge getting volunteer interpreters for events. So I opened up a donation page at Indiegogo. We are asking for $3,500 (interpreters, refreshments, fees at Capitol). Help forward the link or ask your own organization to consider a donation.
David Marwitz workshop April 7 at 6pm at Deaf Club: 
Need people to set up and take down. Greet the audience. 
alcoholic Refreshments for purchase from Deaf Club.
Ice Breaker/Social at Opal Divine's Penn Field April 24:
All of you are invited to the ice breaker. It starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm with an open social 8 to 10pm.  We need help setting up, taking down and basically moderating the event making sure it's smooth.
NAD Legislative Advocacy Workshop at TSD DSC April 25 (9-5)
Set Up at 8:30am   
Greet the audience.
Set up and Serve lunch/refreshments.
Clean Up at 5:00 pm
Capitol Rally April 27 3:30-5
Before the rally: meet with Senators.
Need people to direct people where to go. Be there at 2:45
Advertise the rally.
Type generic letter to Senator. Best to have 3-4 versions.
Print letters (Frank)
Pass out letters for people to sign.
Recruit Speakers ( Donna will do that)
Robert G will be our M.C
Entertainment: Do we know anyone who may be willing to do something fun/special?
** It is very important that the TSD staff and students attend this event as it is about them and for them. Clarify with the staff that they can attend on their own time and they can sign anything as long as it is as a citizen, not employee**

And thats about it folks..sort of :) next email!
Thank you. We are ALMOST there! Let's not slow down. before we know it, its June and TSD WILL HAVE all the FUNDS they asked for. OPTIMISM! :)

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