Deaf Access to Alcholics Anonymous Meetings

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Austin Deaf Access Committee

Greetings, from Norma A., Austin Deaf Access Committee chairperson. Austin Deaf Access is a new service committee of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our single purpose is to help Deaf people who have a problem with alcoholism to get access to AA meetings. We do this by providing interpreters for the Deaf, free of charge, so Deaf people can go to AA. Our committee is made up of AA members, some of whom are hearing people and some of whom are Deaf.

Our website tells more about who and what we are, gives literature you can download for more information, and a calendar of the current AA meetings that are interpreted. We are self-supporting, which means that AA pays our way, because we are a part of AA. We do not ask for or need outside contributions. We only ask that you let anyone who is Deaf know about us, so that if they know anyone who wants help for problems with alcohol, the hand of AA is here to help, through Austin Deaf Access Committee (ADAC).

Feel free to contact me for more information. On behalf of ADAC, thank you for helping us to carry the message of hope to those who may still be suffering.

Email: Norma A. - Austin Deaf Access Committee Chairperson